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Ralston Community Foundation Fund

We are an organization dedicated to serving the Ralston community of Nebraska. We ensure the funds received by their citizens are put to prosperous objectives and we as an organization strive every day to make our community a better place for its people.

Our Donation Accounts


To support and maintain the community activities of the connected fund, a general account is utilized by the local Fund Advisory Committee.

Our Donation Accounts
The Hinge Project Executive Summary

Johnson Hinge Project Account

As a result of a gift from longtime Ralston resident LaDonna R. Johnson, The Hinge Project was created to advance a community revitalization initiative that will result in a livelier downtown prepared to attract new residents and businesses as well as provide more amenities to both visitors and residents of Ralston.

Hal E. Kronberg Memorial Scholarship

Hal E. Kronberg Memorial Scholarship

The fund for this program provides scholarships for Ralston High School alums who have excelled in leadership, moral integrity and citizenship, participated in at least two extracurricular activities, and are National Honor Society members.

Ralston High School Baseball Field Improvement Account

Ralston High School Baseball Field Improvement Account

The goal of this account is to raise funds for the upkeep and improvement of the baseball field at Ralston High School in Ralston, Nebraska.

What We Do?

Certain principalities will use the RCFF, a non-profit organization, to raise money from the public for certain community development purposes. We as an organization bring up initiatives for achieving community prosperity. For example, by the selfless donation by Late LaDonna Johnson, we initiated the hinge project to develop the community environment which as a result will attract new business and new residents to Ralston.

We are proud to be part of The Nebraska Community Foundation which provides tax relief to the RCFF. The Nebraska Community Foundation is like the umbrella corporation that covers every other non-profit foundation, including the RCFF.

The Ralston Community Foundation Fund is committed to development and long-term success. A volunteer fund advisory committee actively promotes charitable giving and grants to regional deserving groups and initiatives that are addressing present needs and potential future opportunities in our community.